Interview w/ Sarah Baran of The Sarcastic Elf!

Salutations, wonderful reader. I have some very exciting news….

It’s my very first interview on 360* gahhahhH!

And who better to be my first interview then Sarah Baran of The Sarcastic Elf??

hSarah is a very humorous, very sarcastic (hence the name) blogger who blogs about a variety of things, from family to faith. Her site had me cracking up from the moment I read it.

So I’m just going to let her talk now, ok? Ok.

What is your blog about?

Everything, really. The official statement is “Finding joy in the daily hum-drummities of life”, but that’s basically an excuse to do whatever I want. I share funny stories from my life. Spiritual snippets and random revelations. Short stories. Dump-truck loads of sarcasm. All that fun stuff. I like to expand otherwise boring moments in time and turn them into works of art. (Or in most cases, snark.)

When did you start writing?

TECHNICALLY, when I was five. If books that are entirely comprised of pictures and entirely devoid of words count. I officially started writing two years ago, when I had the gloriously stupid idea to write a book.

I’ve since regretted that decision.

What inspired you to begin a blog?

Professionalism says “to build a platform for my book, in the event that I get published”, but the real truth of the matter is…

My sister told me to.

And I thought it sounded like fun, so I said, “Why not?” I’ve been a happy little blogger ever since.

How long have you been blogging?

7 months. Super impressive, I know.

Which one of your posts is your favorite?

You would ask that… Every time I settle on a favorite, I go back and read it, just to realize just how awful it is, or how terrible my grammar was back whenever I wrote it, or… yeah.

I had a lot of fun writing this one though. My mom is the best human being in existence. (Besides my dad. They tie.)

But this one’s also pretty high ranking. (Yes, I’m aware that I’m giving two, and that’s technically cheating. Please forgive me.)

What is your favorite topic to write or post about?

Honestly? My family. (As my favorite post demonstrates.) They’re such wacky people that I have the inexplicable urge to share them with the world. Fortunately, they don’t mind.

What do you like to do for fun, besides writing & blogging?

Terribly useless things… like thinking…

Actually, I’m an artist. So generally, if I’m not thinking deep thoughts about nothing, or writing deep things about frogs, I’m drawing some lovely weirdo I’ve envisioned in my head.

And I’ve plotted to take over the world a few times. I don’t know if that counts.

Have you ever gotten a book signed? If so, what book and author?

Sadly, no, I have not. I would like to get J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis to sign something, but they’re… you know… indisposed.

What’s your favorite verse in the Bible?

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. ~Romans 8:28

If that ain’t encouraging, I don’t know what is.

What are some of your favorite writing resources?

AH! Hahahaha…. Ladies and gentlemen, KINGDOM PEN. I would be a nonexistent blot on the record of failed writers if it wasn’t for that website and the brilliant people there. Seriously. They’re amazing. I’ve learned so much through Kingdom Pen, and I’m proud to call myself a KeePer. (Or Kapeefer… it’s an inside joke.)

Plus, they taught me the use of asterisks. *insane cackling* So that’s always something to be proud of.


Have you followed TSE yet?

Do YOU know what a’Kepeefer’ is *evil snicker*??

Isn’t TSE’s official statement awesome???



25 thoughts on “Interview w/ Sarah Baran of The Sarcastic Elf!

  1. Reblogged this on The Sarcastic Elf and commented:


    It’s so professional. I can’t take it. *explodes into glitter*

    Thankiest of thank yous go to Abbie at 360* Writing, who was gracious enough to interview me about The Sarcastic Elf. I’m requiring all of you to go check her blog out, because she’s got some pretty cool stuff. (Not to mention her blog is beautiful. Oh. My. Goodness.)

    (Oh, and you know how I said I was going to post part 2 of my vacation on Thursday? WELL… I’ve been hit with this little thing called “I suddenly have no wit” which means I suddenly and inexplicably have no wit. Therefore, everything I write comes out flatter than a squished pancake, and THEREFORE… I missed Thursday. Sorry. I expect my style shall return to me in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled.)

    In the meantime… read the interview and look up 360* Writing. It’s pretty cool.

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  2. Don’s get such a big head over this, Word Master. (Yet another inside joke.) You taught me about the use of the asterisk, Sarah, so I suppose you are my mentor. This interview was definitely you. Even if your name hadn’t been attached to it, I still would have known it was probably you. You can’t stay anonymous very long. (It’s the pointed ears. They always give you away. *winks*)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, *SPOILER ALERT* I may have been planning a bunch of people I admire to be interviewed this month…? The Sarcastic Elf was a blog I really loved and I wanted Sarah to be a part of it. Thankfully she said yes, and here we are! 😉


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